• I am so thankful for the help that Angela has offered to our son.  Not only has he shown improvement in his attention, but he has shown huge improvement in his reading comprehension, spelling, and confidence. I could not recommend this program enough! Angela is caring and makes sessions not only helpful but fun.          Owen (9)

  • Thank you for your work with Charlie!  We are continuing to work with him here at home and have seen a marked improvement with his school work during the last two months. He almost always "gets it right" when he is focused and has his dot.  Everything - Math, telling time, and reading - is better now.         Charlie (10)

  • Recently Kendall picked up a book she had never seen before, turned to a page, and started reading it out loud. My mother, her sister, and myself just sat there with our mouths hanging open. Kendall finished the page and received enough praise to have raised the roof of the house! We've continued to work on our trigger words. Katie and Kendall love to play with the Koosh Balls, and, of course, the clay is a huge hit. We set up a table in the living room just for the girls to use. Kendall's reading tutor at school feels like she's doing really well and even went so far as to tell my husband that she would like more information on the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program and what stuff we were working with Kendall on. I think that's just wonderful!!          Kendall (8)