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Dyslexia Correction


Bright Futures Dyslexia Correction welcomes you to discover the many positive aspects of dyslexia. At the Center you will gain the ability to control the negative aspects of not only reading difficulties, but also math, handwriting, and attention deficit issues. By using the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program, students gain confidence in their abilities. We're here to help you reach new heights in learning and self-confidence. 

Ronald Davis, founder of Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program, began to read at the age of 38 as a result of discoveries he made concerning his exceptional abilities (1980). Because he personally experienced the difficulties associated with dyslexia, he designed the program to address the struggles experienced by so many people worldwide. His approach is unique - it actually gets to the root of the problem; many programs only address the symptoms.

Ronald D. Davis was labeled "retarded" (what would today be called autistic) until his early teens. He was functionally illiterate until age 38. After completing technical courses, he became a successful engineer, artist, and businessman. He established the Reading Research Council's Dyslexia Correction Center in 1982. His book, The Gift of Dyslexia, has been published in major languages through out the world. He continues to research the application of his techniques to other conditions such as attention deficit disorder, autism and petit mal epilepsy.® Reading Research Council. (Used with Permission)